Nanobatteries Take the Front Page
Nanobatteries Take the Front Page

"Amyloid scaffolds as alternative chlorosomes"

Amyloid assembly kinetics, cracked
Amyloid assembly kinetics, cracked

"Kinetic model for two-step nucleation of peptide assembly"



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Polypeptide Materials in the Flow of Cellular Information

Gordon, C.; Luu, R.; Lynn, D.G.

Peptide Science, 2020, submitted

Directing peptide liquid-liquid phase transitions with dynamic chemical networks

Junjun Tan, Li Zhang, Ming-Chien Hsieh, Jay T. Goodwin, Martha A. Grover, David G. Lynn

ChemRxiv, 2020

Liquid-like phases preorder peptides for assembly

Rolando F. Rengifo, Anthony Sementilli, Youngsun Kim, Chen Liang, Noel Xiang'An Li, Anil K. Mehta, David G. Lynn

ChemSysChem, 2020,


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June 29, 2020

Christella's Research Is Funded!

The National Science Foundation has funded Christella's research focused on making a new minimal ribosome together with assistance from our collaborators in Israel! Congratulations Christella!

May 15, 2020

Welcome to the lab, Ayanna!

Ayanna has joined our lab! She is originally from Overland Park, Kansas, has recently graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and will be working on the exciting rhizosphere research in our lab! Welcome to the lab, Ayanna!




Lynn Lab Pledge:


We are committed to achieving full participation within an inclusive university environment that strives to meet the needs of all students, faculty and staff in our community. We accept that our collective success depends on the linked pursuits of research, teaching, and service, each building on and reinforcing the other, and commit speaking up, both in celebration of constructive action or with concern for injustice, in response to events that occur in our shared community. We recognize that only through active engagement will we be able to be a part of a community striving progressively for inclusive excellence in our future.



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