Anil Mehta
Solid-State NMR Center Director at Emory Chemistry
Vince Conticello
Peptide Chemistry at Emory Chemistry
Kurt Warncke
Molecular Biophysics and EPR at Emory Phyiscs
Neil Anthony
Fluorescence techniques at Emory Integrated Cellular Imaging Core
Bo Liang
Cryo Electron Microscopy at Emory Biochemistry
Lary Walker
Neurodegenerative Disease at Emory Neurology
Yonggang Ke
Nucleic Acid Nanoengineering at Emory and Georgia Tech
Martha Grover
Macromolecular Networks at Georgia Tech
Yury Chernoff
Yeast Prions at Georgia Tech
Thomas Orlando
Surface Processes at Georgia Tech
Gonen Ashkenasy
Peptide Materials and Systems Chemistry at Ben-Gurion University, Isreal
Drew Palmer
Plant physiology at Florida Institute of Technology
Andy Binns
Agrobacteria at University of Pennsylvania
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