• Anthony Sementilli

Congrats, Tolu!

Tolu defended her thesis today, titled "Amyloid peptides as self-assembling supramolecular catalysts." Here, she showcased her work on the catalytic properties of Ac-KLVFFAL-NH2 to a committee consisting of Brian Dyer, Vince Conticello, and, of course, Dave. Her thesis work is currently being submitted for publication too!

Tolu has been such a presence in the lab--she's patient, has a wonderful sense of humor, and can tighten a gas regulator like it's nobody's business. We'll miss her!

...but we're not ready to say goodbye yet. She'll be hanging with us for a bit while she continues her search for post docs and teaching jobs in the Atlanta area. Good luck!

Moments before the defense.

A rose to symbolize growth of a scientist.

Time to celebrate! Grad school sure makes you thirsty...

Literally nothing more terrifying than a cork flying from champagne.



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