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Christella and Mandy Rock the Undergraduate Research Symposium '17

Mandy and Christella are seasoned undergrads in the Lynn lab and had the chance to strut their stuff at the Undergraduate Research Symposium this year.

Mandy and Christella have done research-for-credit--CHEM 399 and 499, respectively--and presented their findings at the poster session.

Christella's poster, "Understanding multilayered structures through amyloid-DNA interactions" was all about these cool peptide nanotubes that would acquire extra layers when mixed with DNA.

Also, meet Andira (top right), who was an honorary member in our lab that semester.

Oh, and Christella won the top poster prize! Daisy was pleased.

And Mandy's poster, "Prion delivery via DNA co-assembly: the inside-out virus," was about designing cell-penetrable peptide/DNA structures that could deliver functional prions--they're not all evil and cow-maddening!

We're very proud of Mandy and Christella and can't wait to see what they discover next. Talk to them if you want to learn more about research-for-credit!

You can see that nucleic acid/peptide co-assemblies are a hit among our undergrads.

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