• Anthony Sementilli

Planting the SEED of Success!

Chen is a firm Believer that everyone has “seed of greatness” but it takes the right environment to cultivate it. After witnessing the struggle of refugees face at school, Chen decided to create a student organization targeting under-served student population by combining motivation, confidence building, and mentorship. The idea later evolved into Student Educational Experience Development (SEED) program that has helped over 150 students from Atlanta Public School system.

Due to her leadership, Chen is recognized as a “Graduating Women of Excellence” at Emory 100 Years of Women celebration, and received a service honor from Emory Center for Community Partnerships. She also received a joint Student Leadership Award from Home Depot and National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP).

Talk to Chen if you want to get involved. Also, click the picture to check out a blog post she wrote through the Chem Department's blog.

Go Chen!

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