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November 7, 2017

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March 29, 2017

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Nanobatteries Take the Front Page

September 15, 2017

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Dynamic Peptide Systems Meets Catalysis

February 27, 2017


The Lynn Lab has taken Nature Chemistry by storm. 


Chenrui and Tolu published two high-impact articles on dynamic and catalytic peptide systems, respectively.


These articles are extra special because we decided to publish them together.  Why, you ask? Collectively, they collectively tell a grander story on the power of peptide materials. Tolu's work has shown that a simple peptide, Ac-KLVFFAL-NH2, can assemble into catalytic nanotubes that can break and build bonds on aromatic substrates, whereas Chenrui's work features a different peptide, H-NF-CHO, which can self-polymerize and form multi-phase networks.


So, we have one system that builds polymers and another that forms monomers. Perhaps a system that builds its own monomers is on its way?


Until then, a round of applause for Chenrui and Tolu--nice work!

H-NF-CHO forms its own monomer library that self-selects for templated assembly--just add water (and MeCN).


Ac-KLVFFAL-NH2 forms enzyme-like nanotubes--no ribosomes needed!


Also, GaTech featured these articles in their News Center. Check it out!

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